Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Hi everyone,
So this past weekend I under took the task of wallpapering a wall in my bedroom. After much debate I just decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and try it myself. The wall I decided to do wasn't huge and I thought it would be a great place for me to try my hand at this. I had watched 2 or 3 You Tube videos and asked lots of questions and managed to con my husband into helping me, he is a magician with a tape measure and a very steady hand at cutting. Anyways after much sweating and swearing and a near divorce (" somewhere along the line he thought he could just take over and tell me what to do") I finished, and the end result is......... I love it and YES! I would do it again. You know what they say practice makes perfect!
So here is the before picture........
I always felt this place lacked something. This is quite a large space and very open, much like a loft,the bathroom which sits behind that wall takes up most of the space,so my actual bedroom is not very large and other then the wall that the bed backs on to there really is no definition.
So I started by painting the outside walls black, Benjamin Moore's Onyx , to create a bit of intimacy and to make those outer walls recede and disappear. My next task was to make the wall that the bed is against more of a focal point,I didn't want to paint this black as well I felt it would be to much and the over all effect would be lost.That's where the wallpaper came in.
Drum roll please........... Oh ya and by the way this is Graham and Brown's "Darcy" in pearl and silver.

And yes that is white bedding,despite the fact that I am married to a builder and I have a black dog I have decided to have white bedding ! I get a tremendous amount of sun in my bedroom and I have thrown away bedding even in the winter because of what the sun has done to it,so this year I have chosen white linen. Why? I feel it is more forgiving then soft egyptian cotton and I love the lived in look it's going to get over time. I got mine from a site on Etsy called Lovely Home Idea and I felt that the prices as well as the quality were fantastic.  Also I would like to mention that my large 24x24 pillows also came from a etsy shop called Artistic cotton check them out.And besides as you can see in the next picture I'm not going to treat it to precious,besides look at how well she goes with everything.


Here are some pictures of other bedrooms with wallpaper that I find inspiring!

Enjoy! D.


  1. What a gorgeous bedroom. Love the changes!

  2. Very glamorous. Looks great.