Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thomas O'Brien

Hi everyone,
As a designer we are always looking for inspiration and inspiration can be found in many things,but for me it comes mostly from those who have paved you could say the designers so called "red carpet". One such person is Thomas O'brien. I have recently read his book "American Modern" and have fallen madly in love with his laid back but well collected style!
Thomas'work is shall I say drool worthy,but his true sense seems to shine through in the interiors he has designed for himself.The New York loft that went from somewhat minimal to the ultimate in being surrounded by the things you love. Then there is his charming vacation home called The Academy,built in 1833 as a local boys academy,it's a place where he could lay down many of the things that he had collected for years.
 Thomas' book has taught me many things,1.) to embrace who we are in design and style 2.) In a world were there is such an emphasis on getting rid of things,somehow he has made it okay to still find a passion in collecting and surrounding ourselves with the things we love! This book has been a true inspiration to me and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for confirmation that it is okay to still have STUFF!
Here are some pictures from his book!
Vacation home Academy!

Living room in the Academy
Kitchen in Academy

Loft bedroom before 
Bedroom after a few collections added.

beautiful collection of pictures 
Enjoy!  D.

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