Monday, 23 April 2012

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler, a name synonymous with "style", whether it be in designing jaw dropping interiors or brilliantly composing her new line of clothing found at her flagship boutique in L.A.

Regardless of what Kelly is doing one thing remains,she is a design force,one to be reckoned with,and someone that I admire greatly.

Kelly's use of color and pattern,civilized with objects that always seem larger then life,are nothing short of genius.

I have never been a "color" person,always opting for a more soothing neutral palette ,but Kelly's use of both has me wanting to ditch the whites in favor of a skittles explosion!( This is usually the point where I start to hyper-ventilate )

Having read her last book"Hue",I poured relentlessly over the pages,studying every last detail,constantly asking myself with every turned page "How does she do it!". How can she make so many colors and patterns in one room work? And regardless of how she does the end it just simply works.

At the vintage furniture store I work for, we often can be heard saying" OMG! that chair is soooo Kelly Wearstler "or "Lets do a Kelly Wearstler styled window display."

I know that most of you on first inspection of her interiors will be compelled to say,"there is no way I can accomplish this",and to a certain extent I will agree.

As a designer I have learned, that there is always something in another designers work that I can take away and use in my own interiors,even if it's a small detail. With Kelly it is her originality.

The next time you are thumbing through the pages of her book or scrolling down her website,I invite you, for a moment, along with myself, to try hard to think outside the box.

I thank you for this Kelly, as always you have, and will continue to inspire me.


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