Sunday, 1 April 2012

Den update

Hi everyone, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.

This has been an overwhelming month for me with the article on my home and services been  published in Coast Life magazine to my living room being chosen out of hundreds of entries to be in the top 6 in House and Home's online contest, ("And a big gracious thank you to all who have voted for me").

The response to my home has been so fantastic that I thought that what I would do over the next several blog posts is talk to you about each room and how it has evolved and continues to evolve.

So that brings us to the den. This room was designed to be our media room, in each of our houses we have always had a room dedicated to the television a place to go to on the weekends and watch movies,so it was important to me that this room be cozy. When I first started out, this room was painted white but it never fulfilled the hunker down and get comfortable feel that I had intended to go for, So I went ahead and painted  it a dark grey/brown color,which instantly gave it that cozy library feel that I wanted. I have never been very happy with a few of the things that were in this room,such as the carpet although plush it took up so much floor space that you could no longer see my beautiful dark floor,so I opted for a beautiful cowhide that as you can see allows the dark floors to show, instantly making this room feel larger.And then there was the coffee table,I had this piece custom made but somewhere along the way somebody's measurements weren't quite accurate ,so I felt the need to search for something that would fill the room and act as a place for us to put our feet up,I was lucky enough to find this linen ottoman. This currently is my winter look,soon I will change the pillows blankets and curtains to give it an instant update into spring/summer something that can be done for little money but huge impact!

I'd like to just talk about one other element in this room and that is the cabinet under the television.I found it very difficult to find a piece that would work here so I had my husband custom make this one for me. I used inexpensive Ikea cabinets and then had him wrap them in fir planks,I then painted the doors the same color as the walls because I wanted the piece to blend into the wall to give a custom built in look. A simple inexpensive way to get the look when you just can't find anything else out there.

Well that is all for now, I hope you will stop by again to read my next post, and in the meantime if you have any comments please feel free to leave me a message.
Here are a few pictures of media/tv rooms that I think all spell cozy! Note the artwork in each one always a big must for me!

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