Thursday, 19 April 2012

coffee table displays

Hi everyone,
I want to talk today about displaying your coffee table.
 There are so many ways of going about doing this and really there are no hard fast rules as to how to accomplish this. Your coffee table ,should I say is like a blank canvas,and it's up to you to create your master piece. First decide what purpose it serves? Do you have small children? If so then likely you will want to keep sharp and breakable objects off. Do you entertain a lot then you might decide to keep whatever is on top low enough that it doesn't interfere with conversation. This all being said look around your home at the different objects or collections you have that you might want to display.How about books? These are always a must for me, not just for the beauty, but because stacked with objects on top,will lend height and interest to your display. And last but not least flowers or greenery, it will always pull a display together giving it that organic element that's always needed.

This is my coffee table. I enjoy anything and everything organic, the antlers, the coral, the horn on the magnifying glass,even the wood on the number 2, I have a theme and I have carried it through. Then for a pop of contrast and interest I've added the Tom Ford book and lastly the greenery in the vase sitting on top of the books for added height so everything is not all on the same level. The result really tells a lot about me, and the things I like,and so should your coffee table.
Here are some more of my picks for beautiful table top displays.

This coffee table has one big attention grabber and that is the beautiful shell,not much more is needed then some simple white flowers and a couple of books.
This coffee table doesn't need much, if anything simply because it's the show stopper
I love that they have used the flowers here as there focal point,something that can be changed regularly creating a different feeling each time
Again,like mine the table is covered by interesting things to look at, inviting ones to explore whats on top!
Pieces that tell a similar story.

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