Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hi everyone and happy Sunday,
I wanted to talk today about art and the role it plays in ones home.
For me art is everything, it's what takes a home from ordinary to extraordinary. When I walk into a persons home for the first time I look to the art to tell me a bit about the person who lives there, that being said I think there is a great misconception that one can only have expensive pieces to accomplish this, not so!  I have been collecting art now for the better of 6 years and although I do own a few pieces that stole away a tiny chunk of my child's tuition, I also own quite a few more that haven't. One of my favorite spots for collecting has been Etsy, this is a site where you can have an opportunity to purchase a piece at a fraction of the cost of what galleries charge,and these are very talented people that have made it affordable for people like you and I to own beautiful pieces.
Art for me is no different then a new pillow or curtains it is truly an accessory and sometimes you just feel the need to change it up, add a new piece, take one down to put a new one up.I'm constantly moving my art around to give it new life or to make room for new pieces.I can tell you that behind every picture is about 6 holes from other pieces that have been there before. At the end of the day art is what makes a home shine or stand out as being different from any other home that's out there it's an important part in creating a unique style and character that is all your own!
I have noticed lately that groupings of pictures seems to be making more of an appearance, I think it gives an overall effect that this person has been collecting for years and has been methodical about his choices. I personally love the look and have started to do this in my own home. I don't feel there is a rule of thumb for this ,you can choose to do it in a grid pattern with all the same shapes and sizes like I have or you can mix it up,no matter what the look is your own. Now get collecting!!!!!

Here a some examples of ones that I love!

my own living room
Thom Filicia design, super organic looking!

Christine Ralphs design 

Thomas Obrien.... the king of collecting! Love!

Christine Ralphs.... different shapes and sizes so inspiring.

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